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Cleansers & Toners


Men Moisturizing Cleanser (M) 120g


A purifying cleanser with Pitera™ essence and moisturizers, it flushes out impurities from pores with every wash. Infused with menthol, its formula leaves skin feeling refreshed, thoroughly clean, and moisturized.UsageSqueeze out a coin-sized amount of...

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Men Fresh Washing Gel 150ml


Balea MEN fresh cleansing gel cleans men's skin intensively and refreshed at the same time. For all skin types. Without Alcohol. The cleaning formula with magnesium complex, copper and zinc removes dirt particles and excess sebum. With nourishing...

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MEN's ACNE Charcoal x Detox Scrub Facial Foam 100g


Biore Facial Foam Acne with upgraded acne care formula and oil clear ingredients can wash away dirt and oil gently and it helps to avoid excess sebum blocking your pores. Leaving your skin clean and pure. The newly innovated technology helps your skin...

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MEN's DEEP Charcoal x Detox Scrub Facial Foam 100g


The innovative charcoal formula offers 10 times the oil absorption power. Its superb oil control ability helps remove the shine from facial skin, while the 10,000 scrub particles provide a deep cleansing power to clear out excess sebum, blackheads, and...

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