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Sheet Mask


Facial Treatment Mask (M) 10pcs/box


A luxurious facial mask with an indulgent concentration of Pitera in a single application. Your skin is immediately and exceptionally immersed in moisturization, resulting in a visibly radiant and crystal-clear complexion.UsageHOW TO USEPlace the mask...

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Clear Face Mask (White) 10pcs


Build up the foundation of beauty.A mask that helps the skin to prevent dryness caused by light and heat on a daily basis.UV is not the only factor that can trigger skin problems in the sunlight, the heat is also a key. It is important to prepare your...

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Puri Jelly Mask 4pcs


• A moisturizing mask made with two beauty ingredients – Lactobacillus paste(Probiotics) & Peach ceramides, it helps maintain the balance of skin micro-environment which enhances the skin hydration and elasticity• Each piece of jelly mask contains 22ml...

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Pore Pack 10pcs


Biore Pore Pack helps effectively removes blackheads.The removed clogs are clearly visible against black sheets with oil absorbing powder. UsageWith dry hands, remove Pore Pack from sachet.Wth the plastic liner facing you, twist Pore Pack to separate...

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Black Pearl Renew Black Ampoule Mask 10pcs


Contains black pearl extract & hyaluronic acid, it supplies enough water to the skin & even out skin tone.It helps remove dead skin cells in effect.4-free system: Free from paraben, mineral oil, synthetic siliconeUsageAfter facial cleansing, remove mask...

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Clear Turn White Mask With Vitamin C 5pcs/box


Upgrade version. Its fixable cutting provides deep nourishment and absorption to the skin. Contains 5 herbal essence, it cares for your skin only need 5 minutes from now on!● With 27ml moisture essence with vitamin C,it helps to boost skin luster and...

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Saborino Morning Facial Mask #Minty Fresh 32pcs


Face wash + Toner + Moisturizing, only 60 seconds to finish. Cleansing ingredients of AHA (Fruit acid) can remove all the dead skin and dirt. Multi beauty and moisturizing ingredients freshen you skin and add lush hydration.UsageOpen up the flip lid of...

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Mandom Corp.

Barrier Repair Softening Facial Mask 10pcs


Penetrating hyaluronic acid contained (twice as much as in the existing products)Highly permeative wrap formula and Baby Water Lipid for moisturizing of delicate skinCarefully 3D-structured sheet that fits the face softlyUsageAfter cleansing, place the...

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Mandom Corp.

Barrier Repair Whitening Facial Mask 10pcs


-Contain seek extract and white peony extract, skin becomes whitened and transparent which like BB skin-Beauty essence is water-jel type, which help the mask stick on skin perfectly. The essence is not easily evaporated which can help to trap water in...

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Mandom Corp.

Barrier Repair Facial Mask (Brightening) 5pcs


Contains white peony extract and Vitamin C inducer to inhibit melanin formation, prevent spots & freckles and soothe skin, rejuvenate and whitening the skin.The multi-layered mask structure contains 22ml essence. Not easy to drip.Series Features: -...

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Cosme Decorte

Prime Latte Mask 16ml x 12pcs


- A soothing mask with a concentrated blend of fruit and botanical oils- Skin keeps hydrated and moisture balanced- Leaves pores less noticeable and skin soft and smooth- It contains floral and herbal aroma making you relaxSuitable for normal, dry and...

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