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B5 Hyaluronic Toner 100ml


- A moisturizing toner- It deeply moisturizes rough and dry skinsolution for- Dryness- Hydration- RoughnessSuitable for normal and dry skin typeUsage1. Use twice a day in the morning and evening2. Apply on clean skin before moisturizer


Brilliant Gold Toner 140ml


- A skin toner with gold ingredient- It helps to reduce wrinkles and fine lines- Keeps skin firm, nourish and moistureSolution for- Anti-aging- Fine lines and wrinkles- Firming- Loss of radiance- Dullness- Hydration- Moisture- Uneven textureUsage1. Use...


Premium Hydra B5 Toner 120ml


- The Hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5 moisturizes to give moist and glowing skin- Contains adenosine ingredient for healthy and resilient skin- gives radiance and vitality to the skin for clear and bright skin- Soothes tired and sensitive skin for healthy...


Micellar Cleansing Water 200ml


- A all-in-one non rinse cleansing water- Cleanses, removes makeup from face and eyes and toned- Leaves skin clear and ready for next skincare routineBenefit- Cleansing- Removes makeup- Moisturizes and soothes- Soften and restores comfort to skinSuitable...


Moisturizing Toner 200ml


- A gentle and moisturizing toner - It completes make-up removal and refines skin in one step - The alcohol-free formula respects skin's natural pH balance- Leaves skin fresh, clear, moisture and soothed97% ingredients of natural...


Anti-Blemish Toner 105.5ml


- It will help exfoliate the dead skin cells with botanical ferment filtrate in it.- It will help you with it by soothing your skin troubles on face and cleaning the pores by removing dead skin cells.Usage1. After cleansing and toning, gently tap over...


Base Toner pH 5.6 105.5ml


- Restore your natural skin pH- Helps improve the texture of your skin appearanceUsage1. Apply it on your clean face. (avoid eye area) 2. Gently pat all over your face using your finger tips 3. Storing it in the refrigerator will give a more effective...


Pore Tightening Toner 105.5ml


- It will help younot only to make your skin poreless with its mild and effective ingredins but to figure out how to shirink pores without any greasiness.- It keeps the skin look smooth and clean by quickly being absorbed without stickiness, elastically...


Toning Lotion with Iris 200ml


- A Alcohol-free toner with purifying Iris and Sage extracts- Removes every last trace of cleanser- Balaces skin tone and tigten poresSuitable for Oily or Combination SkinTexture: LotionUsage1. Use once or twice in the morning and evening2. Apply on...